Size Matters

My computer monitor at work died this morning. Suddenly. One second I was reading an e-mail and the next, the screen went completely black. So after turning the monitor off and on, then doing the same to my machine, and checking that the monitor was plugged in, and all of that, I finally called IT. The IT person couldn’t fix it, either. He tried the same things I’d tried and then finally he replaced it for me.

The new monitor is much bigger. It’s SO BIG. And WIDE. It feels like it occupies the whole desk. It feels like I could dive into the screen, or like the screen is trying to swallow me whole. I think the TV I had in my college dorm back in the day was smaller! Documents that used to fill the entire window now open in the center of the screen, surrounded by empty space. I’ve had to zoom in a lot more on websites to make the font big enough to read. My desktop icons are lined up now at one tiny edge of the screen. The rest is vacant space. (I’ll have to find some new wallpaper, I think. What looked nice on my old monitor just looks…dull, on this one.)

It makes my entire office feel different. Like the computer is watching my every move and demanding my attention. HI THERE! I AM YOUR MONITOR! LOOK AT ME!

I’ll get used to it in a few days, I’m sure.


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