Driving Me Crazy

I almost never take public transit—mainly because it isn’t accessible where I live. There is a bus line, but the routes never seem to run to anywhere that I need to go. And the rail line is even farther. On a good day, it’s close to an hour’s drive from my house to the nearest train station; on a day with heavy traffic (which is pretty much every day), it’s even longer. And when you get to the train station, you have to park, and buy a ticket, and wait for the train, and half the time the train arrives late… In the end, it’s the same amount of time as just driving to the city.

Thank God I don’t have to do that every day. I’d probably have a breakdown (and I don’t mean my car).

I hate my commute. Haaaate. It’s at least an hour one-way—and that’s if traffic is light that day. But my route to work has one thing in its favor: I don’t have to take any interstates. It’s a long, long slog through endless gridlock, but it’s a straight shot.
For years, there was one main road going between the town I live in and the town my job is in. It was two lanes, one lane each way. That was fine “back in the day,” when the area was in the country and barely populated. But then the development started. What used to be “the middle of nowhere” is a sprawling suburb now—tons of shopping centers, grocery stores, a brand-new Wal-Mart, lots of new houses, and I keep seeing freshly clear-cut lots ready for yet more construction. That two-lane country road became almost impassable at rush hour; traffic literally backed up for six miles at one stoplight. A couple of years ago, the Powers That Be finally constructed another lane in each direction. And that helped the traffic flow quite a bit…for about a week or two. It seems like traffic has only increased since then. At least that’s how it feels when I have to drive home. Coming or going, the drive takes the same amount of time used to before the road was widened. The only difference is now there are two lanes at a standstill.

Even so, the interstates are worse. Much as I hate my drive, I’m glad I don’t have to navigate the highway.

It might help we could get better transit. Or better yet, a transporter beam like they have on Star Trek. Why does something like that not exist yet? It would solve the area’s traffic problem, not to mention being able to “beam” to the office would cut at least two hours from my work day. Transporter. Someone please get on that. In the meantime, I’ll be in my car; I’ll get home sometime before dawn, I hope.



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